the importance of annual visitsThe importance of Annual visits for cats

Many people think yearly checkups are simply about keeping your cat’s vaccinations up to date, but in reality it’s about much more than that. Far too often we have cats that come into our clinic that are chronically ill. It’s not hard to tell that these animals are sick: they have lost a significant amount of their body weight, they’re not eating, they’re vomiting, and are drinking more water than usual. In situations like these, owners are quick to say that the cat has been living indoors with no problems for years. They’ve never escaped or interacted with other animals outside the home. Unfortunately, these are also the cats who have not seen a veterinarian for several years.

Cats are very good at hiding symptoms of illness, so by the time they start showing signs and are brought to the vet, many of them are too sick for us to fix. This is why annual visits for cats are so important. Early detection of problems such as thyroid, cardiac, dental, kidney, and liver issues can definitely extend your pets life and give them a much improved quality of life.

The team here at Woodbine Animal Clinic loves cats and wants to do everything we can to make sure that they live long and healthy lives. This is why we’re offering a free bag of food to all cats who have been away from the practice for 2 years or more if they come in for an annual exam. The type of food given will depend on the cat’s age and health requirements.

To book your cat’s annual visit, contact us today.

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