Laser Therapy

Our class IV laser allows for deep tissue penetration of light energy, which is absorbed by the cells mitochondria; this is called “photo-bio-modulation”. The cells in the body absorb the light energy, which then significantly increase’s the cellular respiratory and metabolic rates. This increase’s their health and energy which speeds up the healing process. Our key purpose for using this laser is to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate wound healing, tissue repair and cell growth. Most pets will feel relaxed during the treatment with its gentle and soothing warmth.

We would recommend using laser therapy for the following ailments:

  • arthritis
  • aural hematomas
  • feline acne
  • stomatitis
  • tooth extractions
  • wounds (cuts/bites)
  • infections
  • allergies
  • sprains
  • fractures
  • post surgical healing
dog wearing protective goggles