Dental cleanings and Extractions

dog smileDental cleanings and Extractions – Periodontal disease is the most commonly found health problem in our pets. Human studies have found links between periodontal disease and serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory ailments and osteoporosis. Likewise, veterinary studies have linked heart, kidney and liver problems, in addition to other systemic health conditions, to pets with poor oral health.

Woodbine Animal Clinic offers a dental descale/polish service to help prevent or treat periodontal disease. Pets are put under a general anesthetic during this procedure, and all teeth are cleaned and polished, similar to a human dental cleaning.  We are also now able to offer dental x-rays.  If we suspect that your pet may need a tooth removed we will be able to confirm if the tooth is healthy or in fact requires extraction.

In most cases your pet will go home later that same day. If extractions are required, antibiotics and/or pain medications may be prescribed.