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The old saying is definitely true: Cats are curious little creatures — and sometimes it can get them into trouble! If you let your cat roam outdoors, or if you’re considering it, keep reading for our professional opinion on why it’s important to keep your cat indoors.

Outdoor Cats Have A Shortened Lifespan

According to The Humane Society, outdoor cats have an average lifespan of only five years, compared to an indoor cat that can live to be 18 or 20 years old. There are many dangers outside your home that can lead to an early and preventable death for your cat. Stray cats can spread diseases like feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and rabies. There are other risk factors to be aware of as well, including poison, bad weather, and even cruelty.

You’ll Be Heartbroken When Your Cat Doesn’t Come Home

If your cat regularly returns home at the same time, the chances are very high that on the occasion that they are late, or don’t return for a night, it will cause you plenty of undue stress and anxiety. We have seen this happen to many patients who let their cats outside, and even though they often return, it makes for a sad and sleepless night.

Your Cat Is In Danger Of Animal Attacks & Cars

Wild animals like coyotes, skunks, racoons, porcupines, are all threats to your cat. Sadly, so are cars. If you’d rather not think about this sad outcome, it’s best to keep your furbaby inside and protected.

Cats Are Natural Hunters

It’s in a cat’s nature to hunt. Even very well-fed cats will hunt and kill mice and birds just for sport. Some cities have implemented bylaws that ban cats from roaming outdoors to protect wildlife and reduce the number of stray cats and the burden placed on shelters.

Indoor Cats Are Completely Happy

Don’t let your cat fool you, even if it meows at the door, indoor cats are completely happy. A cat that lives inside for its entire life is not missing out, in fact, it’s healthier. Cats will eventually adapt to their situation and will adjust to being inside only.

How To Be A Responsible Cat Owner

If you insist on letting your cat outside, there are some really important recommendations to consider:

  • Ensure your cats are spayed or neutered
  • Get regular checkups at your vet clinic
  • Stay up-to-date on all your cat’s vaccinations
  • Consider having your cat microchipped in case they get lost or stolen
  • Outfit them with a bright collar and a bell so birds can hear them
  • Leave a window slightly ajar at all times so they don’t get left outside in bad weather

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