We have a new addition to the team… and this one is furry!

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Meet Beau.  He is a 14 year old Persian.

He has spent a lot of time boarding with us here over the last few years, and due to unfortunate circumstances, his owner needed to find a new home for him.  

Many of us had already developed a love affair with him before this had happened, so when his owner asked us to help find him a home, we offered to take him in until we were able to do so. After all, it isn’t easy finding a good home for a senior cat with Kidney disease. 

After a bit of arm twisting, the staff was able to convince Dr. Littlejohn that he would make the most awesome of all clinic cats, and he hasn’t let us down!  Just the other day he was found on the scale teaching 2 new kittens the rules of the veterinary visit… the weigh in!  He has also been know to wander in to the exam room to keep a pet parent company while their own four legged friend has had to go to “the back”

While he’s not the biggest fan of dogs, he does tolerate them very well. And he has just recently found that the front desk counter is a good napping spot.  But his most favorite area by far is the kitchen.  As soon as he sees or hears food, he makes a B-line towards it.    

The other thing we have discovered about Beau is that he doesn’t really like to play.  He had turned his nose up at a couple of toys that one of our staff members had bought for him including a cat nip toy!  But guess what he does like… Bubbles!!

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