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‘Tis the season for spoiling – and not just our human loved ones! You can be sure that many pet owners derive as much joy from finding that perfect gift for their furry friend as they do when shopping for the special people in their lives. With the holiday season in full gear, there’s s no better time to get your pet something cool. It doesn’t have to be material, either. Consider an experience-themed gift, too!


Here are some ideas to treat that pooch or kitty.


Doggie Advent Calendar

Kids (and adults, too) simply love the idea of a small present on a daily basis throughout December. Your dog might not fully grasp that concept, but do they care? Nope. The pup will be overjoyed when there are delicious munches involved. Advent calendars come in a variety of different forms, from Christmas tree-shaped to a decorative house with bright lights. The beautiful thing is that it simply does not matter if you start precisely on December 1. Any treat-loving doggo will be thrilled to double, triple, or even quadruple up on a snack for the sake of staying on schedule.

Where to buy: Costco, Amazon,


Personalized Pet Collar

Pet owners can relate to despising that ratty collar on their dog or cat. It might be frayed, discoloured, or plain old stinky. The gift-giving season marks the ideal time to freshen up your pet’s collar with not only something new and unique, but also with a personal touch. Is your animal a classy little thing? Maybe a bowtie collar will look sharp. A little more casual? Could be bandana time. Whether you’re looking at something leather or in durable nylon, the options are endless. But also consider making that personalized collar useful in the event of an emergency. The pet’s name is a great idea, either embroidered or connected as a tag. So is adding your cell number. That way, if your precious buddy gets loose, there’s a much better chance of them getting home safe.

Where to buy: PetSmart, Etsy, Amazon


Doggie Pajamas and Onesies

One of the best parts of Christmas day is opening up the wonderful pajamas that we will inevitably receive. It just seems right that when we cuddle up with family on a bone-chilling Canadian holiday, you do it decked out in toasty, fuzzy jams. It’s probably not a bad idea to get your pup in on the action. There have been some incredible leaps in the dog fashion world recently, with styles that suit every taste. Maybe your Pug looks great in plaid or your Pomeranian dazzles in leopard print? It could be that your Lab slays it in stripes. Whatever the pattern, just throw something comfy on that doggie to get inspiration for pics destined for Instagram.

Where to buy: ,


Creative Catnip

We can’t leave the kitties out of the Holiday fun. Though, to be fair, they could probably care less whether you include them. That’s a cat, for you. Even if your feline friend doesn’t show much appreciation, you will likely have loads of fun watching them navigate a cool catnip container. Gone are the days when you would sprinkle some of the good stuff on the ground or cram it in a little felt mouse, prior to them maniacally rolling in the remainder scattered on the floor. The container market has taken off. You can find all sorts of neat vessels, many shaped like real food. They can come in the form of a French baguette, pizza, mushroom, dessert, or croissant. The shape doesn’t matter. Just find something you like, load the thing with catnip, and sit back for the laughs.

Where to buy: Etsy, Pinterest (for ideas)


While toys and clothes are nice ideas, consider treating pets to an experience that’s good for both body and mind.


  • Exercise with new friends: Research your local dog-walking businesses and sign up for some strolls. It will give your doggie a chance not only to stretch their legs, but also the opportunity to socialize with a new person in charge of their walk! Win-win.
  • Spa Days: It can be a chore keeping your pet tidy so why not pamper them with a visit to a local groomer? They’ll look great, be treated well, and you’ll have one less thing on the to-do list.
  • Catexploration: Did you know that some of your local businesses might be cat-friendly? Maybe it’s a bookstore, a brewery, or a home improvement store. Research where you can take your kitty for some nearby fun. You’ll likely need a leash. And let’s be clear – trekking about is only for a certain kind of cat.


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