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Spring is finally here!

These are some of the diseases we try to prevent in the warm weather.

HEARTWORM (mosquito bites)

The threat of heartworm is still present. It is transmitted by mosquito bites and is similar to malaria in that it is a blood born disease, but it is well controlled with the use of safe monthly medication.  Prevention is the way to fight this disease as treatment is both costly and dangerous to your pet.

LYME DISEASE (tick bites)

In the last two years Lyme disease has become a serious threat to the dogs and people in our community.  We recommend vaccinating our canine clients with a Lyme vaccine.  This is both safer and more cost efficient than trying to prevent tick bites.  It requires two shots followed by an annual booster. We also encourage our human clients to be very aware of the dangers of Lyme disease and seek medical advice if they have any tick exposure.


Fortunately the product that we use to prevent heartworm and kill ticks also is very effective in controlling fleas. It is called Revolution.  We have been using this product for over 15 years and can assure you of its safety. This is applied once monthly to the skin.  This is very important living in the East end of Toronto as we have sandy soil, humidity off the lake, and lots of raccoons.  Raccoons carry the same fleas that infest both dogs and cats so there is no shortage of fleas.

We have a laboratory profile designed for this season.  It tests for heartworm, internal parasites, and a small wellness profile to check the overall health of your pet.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this as it represents a 50% savings for you, and gives us a clear picture of the overall health of your pet. This can find hidden health issues or just act as a good baseline for future issues.

Call and make an appointment  now. This is the most important time of the year for preventative health care for your special friends.

Yours truly,

Dr John LIttlejohn

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