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When it’s time for trick or treating, many pet owners don’t want to leave their furry friends out of the fun — but before you pull out all of the stops and turn your sweet pup into a pumpkin, make sure that the costume takes a few safety concerns into account. Here are some important tips on how to safely celebrate Halloween with your pet:

  1. Bells and whistles are adorable, but they’re a choking hazard. 
    Costumes or accessories with bangles or buttons can easily pose a threat to your pet — that includes your own!
  2. Don’t block your pet’s vision.
    While humans enjoy the spooky spectacle of Halloween, it can be a genuinely terrifying experience for your pet. It might seem like a great idea to transform your four-legged friend into Marie Dogtoinette, fitted with a decadent wig of blonde curls. That is, until those curls block your dog’s vision, leaving them with no way to see whether they’re dealing with friendly trick-or-treaters or the Storming of the Bastille.
  3. Find a costume that fits. 
    If a dog or cat costume is too loose or too tight, your pet can suffer. When cats and dogs are restricted in movement, they may have trouble breathing or regulating their temperature. When costumes are too loose, they can trip or entangle themselves as they try to walk around.
  4. Keep an eye on your pet.

If you’ve found a safe costume that your pet is comfortable in, make sure to keep an eye out on your pet throughout the day and evening. Some pets can be frightened by all of the frequent visitors. Fortunately, pets can express those emotions quite well. If you notice your pet growing anxious, scared, or uncomfortable, move them to a different area of the house and keep them away from the excitement.

On the other hand, your pet may be in for the thrill. So much so that they wander off! You will want to ensure that all identifying tags are in place before Halloween arrives.

5. Keep candies away from your pets.

The candy and sweets that may come into your house should be kept away from your pet. Be mindful of anything that might’ve fallen on the floor and be within their reach — especially chocolate, which can have serious health outcomes.

The key to creating fun for all this Halloween is simple. Respect the limitations of your cats and dogs, include them where you can, and let them be if they would simply like to spend some time alone.

If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your pet, contact the team at Woodbine Animal Clinic. We’re here to help.

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