News From The Trenches.

You may have noticed a new staff member around Woodbine AC, covering shifts both in the back and at the front desk. We would like to take an opportunity to officially welcome Amanda to the W.A.C. family!

Meet the new staff at Woodbine Animal Clinic, an East Toronto Vet Clinic.

Amanda came to Canada in mid-2015 from the UK. She has spent a few years traveling to places like Australia, Asia and around Europe but has decided that Canada is the place where she would like to stay.   She has discovered that she has a passion for animals and is planning on returning to school to become a Veterinary Technician.   She has quickly made herself part of the team!

You may have also noticed that Beau has not been at his usual post on the front desk. After contending with a couple upper respiratory infections, we decided that clinic life was not in his best interest. With luck, we were able to find an amazing home from him, with a couple who are no strangers to the intricacies of senior pets.

Clinic pet update from Woodbine Animal Clinic, an East Toronto Vet Clinic

They took him home as a trial over the holidays and he has made himself king of the roost! We have gotten many updates on him, including pictures and a video of him. We couldn’t be happier for him and for his new family! Check our facebook page for periodic updates and photo’s.

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  • jamieridlerstudios

    Oh, we will certainly miss the beautiful beau but are delighted to hear that he’s found a loving forever home!

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