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It’s May and the temperature is finally on the rise! This is good news for us, but can be a little bit worrisome for our animal companions. As the summer months approach it is important to understand how to keep your pets cool to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. We have developed a concrete list of ways to keep your pets cool in the summer, so the only thing you’ll be worrying about is what to cook on the barbeque next or which flavour of ice cream to order.

  1. Enjoy the shady outdoors!
  • Outdoor temperatures can often be much cooler than inside a poorly ventilated house or apartment, so it’s a great idea to take your beloved pet outside for some fresh air
  1. Give your pets some exercise in the early mornings or evenings when the sun has set
  1. Get them in the water!
  • We swim in the summer to keep cool, so it only makes sense for our pets to do the same
  1. Keep your indoors cool
  • Buy and install blinds or curtains that block sunlight
  • Open up the windows
  • Make use of fans
  • Store away rugs in the summer months
  1. Give your pet frozen treats!
  • We get to enjoy a cold ice-cream or popsicle on hot days, so why shouldn’t our pets as well?
  • Click here to find some great frozen recipes for your animals!
  1. Keep your pet groomed
  • Many pets benefit from a haircut in the summer months, but before chopping off all your pet’s locks make sure that it’s suitable for your animal’s specific breed
  1. NEVER leave your pet in a closed car on a sunny, warm day.
  • Even if the temperature isn’t excruciating, solar heating can make even a comfortable day very dangerous for your pet.
  1. As always, make sure your pets have plenty of fresh, clean water!
  2. On those very hot day try to limit amount of time spent outdoors. Paw pads are very sensitive and can burn when walking on hot pavement. For cat owners, it’s also important to ensure that the cat has access to shade on your property.
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