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At Woodbine Animal Clinic, we understand that your dog is a part of your family and you want to treat them as such. One of the most common questions we get asked at our clinic by dog owners is, “What human foods are safe to feed my dog?”

While not all foods are healthy for dogs, try some of these recommendations next time you want to give your canine a treat!

Vegetables & Fruit

Like with humans, vegetables and fruits can be a great, nutritious snack for your dog. Carrots, celery and cucumber are always a great option, but stay away from onions, garlic and mushrooms.

Avoid any fruits that contain pits that your dog could choke on, likes peaches and avocados, and stick to fruits like apples and strawberries. Grapes and raisins should also be avoided as they can cause kidney failure.

Homemade Treats

Whether you want to save money on dog treats, or just want to avoid any potential additives that store-bought treats can contain, you can make your dogs some homemade treats with items you likely have in your pantry.

We love these peanut butter dog treats, which are like peanut butter cookies for your dog! They also include pumpkin purée and whole wheat flour, which are nutritious for humans, dogs and cats.

Plain Chicken & Rice

When it comes to feeding your dog leftovers from dinner, try to avoid anything that’s too spiced or flavoured, as this can upset their stomach. Stick to plain chicken and rice if you want to give them a treat from the table. In fact, plain chicken and rice can be great for upset tummies.

While dogs may want to have your leftover bones and fat from your dinner, these can actually make them sick. Bones can also become lodged in their throats or cause harm to their teeth. You should also avoid feeding your dog any raw meat or fish.

Small Amounts of Dairy

While you shouldn’t give your dog an entire meal made of dairy, small amounts every now and then are fine. Give them a dollop of yogurt every once in awhile or a small cube of cheese between meals. Too much dairy can upset their stomachs, so stick to small amounts and balance it with other items from this list.

If you want to know more about what your pets can or can’t eat, contact us! We’d love to help with all of your pet nutrition needs.

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