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The holiday season is here, and it’s dawned on you that your cuddly animal companion needs something under the Christmas tree. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably spoiled them with amazing gifts all year long – but at least you have a legit excuse in December!

There has never been a wider selection of pet gifts to choose from. So the possibilities to find something special for your buddy are endless.

What’s in the Box?

Subscription boxes are incredibly popular for people pampering. Be it food-, grooming-, or book-themed, there’s a box available for everyone. It’s no surprise that the pet version of this trend has blown up. Canadian companies like Woof Pack, Bowzer Box, and meowbox offer several fun and unique packages for your good girl or boy.

Online sign-ups are easy. It typically involves selecting a plan, explaining a bit about your pet (like name, gender, and size), and choosing the frequency of delivery. The boxes are approximately $30-40 a month and contain an assortment of cute toys, tasty treats, and accessories. They even come in themes – Back to School, Halloween, or much more specific, like Woof Pack’s “Woofrassic Park,” which has a plushy Pawterodactyl! So fun.

Jammies for Everyone

You have a pet(s) and the members of your household emphasize coordination. Combine that with the knowledge that we have spent an inordinate amount of time inside the house for the past three years. The math is easy – you all need matching pet pyjamas!

Is it dorky? Absolutely. But what better way to highlight the bond in your inner circle than by all dressing the same in cozy sleepwear, while also embarrassing your pet in the process? This is a no-brainer.

Etsy Canada is a great destination for this type of gift. Some vendors can turn them around in mere days, though things can get backed up around the holidays. If they arrive in January, so be it!

That’s a hood boy!

Some people are bargain hunters by nature. It’s tough to justify spending a seemingly large amount of money on a common item, like a pullover for your dog. But if you’re in the mood to splurge, then a Roots Canada Pooch Salt and Pepper Hoody is the one gift you should definitely pull the trigger on! Ignore the fact that it’s ridiculously cool and people will acknowledge that fact every time you and your buddy walk by. We’re talking about cozy comfort with this fleecy, cotton masterpiece from an iconic Canadian brand.

Visit Roots Canada and enter “dog” in the search bar. You’ll see the Salt and Pepper Hoody, as well as a variety of other options. The sizes begin at 10 and go up to 24, with the example breeds listed for each. Just learn to accept that your dog is cooler than you.

Something for the kitties

Let’s face it, cats don’t appreciate generous gifts as much as dogs do. It’s more of an expectation that you pamper them than a treat. But we do it anyway because we love them!

If you’re looking for something different for that feline friend, try Best Cat, Ontario’s first cat-specific store. The family-run business, based in Burlington, has a wide array of quality products for cats, all listed on their website with meticulously detailed descriptions. There are just too many neat things to choose from so it’s best to explore and see what fits your kitty and home. Follow Best Cat on their Instagram.

The holidays can be such a fun experience for you and your furry friends, especially if they’re in on the gifting fun. But please remember to keep them safe at this unique time of year. Click here for some useful tips on how to avoid trouble when there is an excess of food, decorations, plants, and other accessories around!

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