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Dr.-Elduayen_0We are sure many of you have had encounters with one of our vets, Dr. Juan Elduayen, who is here at Woodbine on Tuesdays. Juan, his wife and daughter are   from Venezuela where he had his own veterinary emergency practice.

With his passion for animals, strong work ethic, great sense of humour, extraordinary kindness and compassion, and his always-positive attitude it is not difficult to quickly find room for him in your heart – he is your quintessential “good guy.”

Tragically, Juan has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable form of esophageal adenocarcinoma and we are very sad to say that his Canadian doctors have given him a grave prognosis. As palliative care only, Juan has started chemotherapy at Sunnybrook, which is to be followed by radiation once complete.

Not surprisingly, he is keeping an upbeat attitude about everything but we are all very worried for him. In an attempt to try to save his life he has found a Clinic in California that may be able to help him win his fight against cancer. However, the treatment costs are very high, as one can imagine.

Juan is so grateful for any support we can collectively offer him, even if  simply words of encouragement. He needs all the help we can give, so we ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as he is in ours.

It is far too early to loose a man, a veterinarian, a husband and a father like him.

Thank you.

The Woodbine Clinic Family

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