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At Woodbine Animal Clinic, we think that proper dental care is one of the most under-treated problems in our dog and cat patients. That is why we consider every month Dental Month!

Dental tartar, gingivitis and infected roots are common in the dog and cat world. This can range from tartar build up resulting in discolouration of the teeth and bad breath to bacterial infections of the gums, also known as gingivitis, and the roots of the teeth. It may be hard to believe, but the two later problems can lead to serious medical issues. They can contribute to kidney, liver and heart disease that result in life threatening illness and early death.

The other part of this is pain. Many of our pets are extremely stoic, and do not show their pain in obvious ways. Tooth aches are serious and can result in quiet, withdrawn pets that do not eat properly and start to lose weight. These pets are less active and often stop interacting and playing with their owners. Fortunately, many of our clients report behavioural changes for the better after dental extractions. Their pets are more interactive and happier once the pain has been dealt with. Owners have said that their pet starts to act like a much younger version of themselves!

Our team believes that dental care is one of the pillars of your pets overall health and wellness. We want to make sure that all pets are living their lives to the fullest, which is why we invite everyone to bring their pets to our clinic for a complimentary oral health exam. This exam will be conducted by one of our trained technicians, who will advise you of any action that may be required. This is a complimentary service with no strings attached. If we do find issues, we will explain them to you, give you an idea of what treatment is necessary and what that investment entails.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your pets complementary dental exam give us a call at (416) 699-1175.

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