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In preparation for the colder weather we have adjusted some of our protocols in order to keep our clients and staff safe.  We aim to continue to offer the same level of service and quality care for your pets.  We recognize the apparent inconvenience of some of these changes when compared to pre-pandemic policies, but we ask for your patience and understanding in these trying times.  We seek to find the best possible way to care for your pets and keep our team safe so we can continue to keep our hospital open.  


Our staff are working extremely hard and it is essential that we manage their time and minimize contact with the public.

Visits to the clinic should be limited to the following:

  1. Scheduled appointments
  2. Pick-ups of pre-ordered food or medication
  3. Drop-off of pre- arranged fecal/urine samples


  • For most interactions, we need access to our computers so please use the phone, email, or your pet portal on our website for appointment bookings, questions and all other communications. 
  • For all food and medication requests, please allow one week for your order to arrive or be prepared. Consider ordering a little extra to reduce the number of pick-up visits and avoid running out of important food or medicine. We WILL contact you when your order is ready, please wait for our call.  


  • The demands and challenges of the COVID-19 situation have meant a huge increase in patients and the volume of communications while facing more complicated and time-consuming procedures to manage public health protocols. This means that everything we do can take longer.
  • Emails and voicemails will be returned but we ask for your patience as we prioritize and work our way through your messages.
  • Non-urgent appointments should be booked 2-4 weeks in advance.
  • Lab work (blood, urine, fecal tests, etc) can take a week to be reported. Rest assured, our doctors WILL report results to you as soon as possible.
  • Please allow one week for all document requests (vaccine certificates, insurance forms, etc).


  • No humans are permitted inside the clinic even in cold weather.  We must maintain the health of our team in order to remain open to serve our clients and patients.
  • Use contactless payment (credit card over the phone, e-transfer or tap cards with our mobile card terminals outside) and pay in advance whenever possible. 
  • Plan for quick, low/no-contact pick-ups. If we have notified you that your item is ready you do not need to call ahead for pick-up. If we have not notified you, please wait for our call before coming.
  • Be mindful of distancing on the sidewalk and please keep our entrance clear by at least 6ft after you have knocked.


  • Whenever possible, select only one family member to attend the appointment and do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your appointment. We aim to avoid congestion around our front entrance.
  • Make sure that cats are in secure carriers and dogs are wearing well-fitted collars and leashes.
  • Wear a mask as we may need to interact closely with you on the noisy sidewalk.
  • Please knock on the door and stand back at least 6ft, keeping our entrance clear. Please do not place cat carriers in front of the door. A member of our team will come outside for a verbal check-in and take your pet inside when we are ready to begin your appointment.
  • Bring a cell phone and confirm the number with us at check-in. Make sure your phone is charged and turned up for the duration of the appointment.  Our doctors will need to contact you by phone to discuss your concerns before beginning the examination and again at the conclusion of the appointment to discuss exam findings, discuss diagnostic and treatment options. 
  • You MAY leave the area but stay close so that you can return 30 minutes from the beginning of your appointment for prompt pick-up of your pet. We cannot board animals before or after appointments.
  • Plan for contactless payment whenever possible. We accept credit cards over the phone, tap cards on our mobile terminals, or e-transfer.
  • If you are hoping to also pick up food or medications at your appointment, please plan and call ahead, giving us a week’s notice to order and prepare items for you.


Our entire team has been working extra hard during this time, while personally going through all the same COVID-19 frustrations as the rest of the community. We are doing our best to care for your beloved pets under some unusual stresses and challenges and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Abusive and demanding behaviour will not be tolerated. 



If you are looking to become a new client of the clinic, please EMAIL us some details about your pet, and what services you are looking for rather than calling the clinic.  The exception to this is if your pet is sick or injured and your inquiry is of an urgent nature.   In the effort to be as efficient as possible, it is much easier for our staff to answer your questions with all of the information in writing ahead of time.  We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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  • Carole Tullis

    You are the very best! My husband and I are so very grateful for your hard work and kind care in these difficult times.
    Do continue to take good care of yourselves.

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