Back-To-School Routine: Don’t Forget Your Pets!

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Back-to-school can be a busy time for families. After months of unscheduled summertime fun, it can be difficult to get back into a routine for both parents and children.

In the midst of all of the back-to-school chaos, it can be easy to forget about how this impacts our dogs and cats. Here are some tips for improving your pet’s back-to-school routine:

1. Get Back Into A Regular Meal Time Schedule

With all of the beach days, vacations and other summer activities, meal times often get thrown off during the summer.

When the kids head back to school, start setting regular meal times to get everyone in the family back into a routine — including your pets. Pets notice regular meal times, so they’ll appreciate a more structured schedule as well.

2. Take Dogs On Regular Walks

The weather in the summer is great for dogs to get more exercise and, hopefully, your dog has had plenty of time at the park or the beach to enjoy the great outdoors with you!

When the school season starts back up again and the weather begins to cool down, make sure you’re still making time for regular walks. Try to take walks with your dog at the same times every day, so they’re used to the schedule.

3. Keep Pets Occupied When They’re Home Alone

As parents get back into their busy work schedule and kids head back to school, your pet will start spending more time at home alone.

Make this transition easier for them, and keep them occupied and engaged, by leaving plenty of toys around the house for them to enjoy. Make sure they’re also supplied with enough water and food for the day.

4. Make Time For Your Pet

The school season will get busy, but it’s important to continue making time for your pet. In addition to taking them for walks every day, make sure you’re reconnecting with them when you get home from work or school as well.

Pets need our love and attention and even something as seemingly small as lounging on the couch together can make them feel loved and less anxious. Don’t let them get lost in the shuffle.

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